Oshadhi was founded in 1990. The founder Dr. Malte Hozzel is a world-renowned aromatherapy educator and meditation instructor. He believes that essential oils are liquid solar energy. Each drop of essential oil contains 40,000 molecules of pure photon energy, nourishing Every cell in our body. The brand name “Oshadhi” refers to “healing plants” in ancient Indian, meaning “carrying the energy field of light”.

Oshadhi is headquartered in Germany. The building is based on the ancient Vedic Vastu concept. It is located in a small village in southern Germany, surrounded by large grasslands. The main building material is pine wood. Music is always played in the Oshadhi plant to provide a warm and comfortable environment for employees and products to ensure that it is always full of positive energy.

Oshadhi implements physical and mental health and encourages employees to take appropriate time to rest and meditate. Create a pleasant working environment. Oshadhi adheres to the brand concept and pays attention to the gift of nature into every bottle of essential oil, so that every bottle of essential oil is full of vitality.